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The Voghera Housewife

There is a saying in Italy involving a housewife from the small town of Voghera: she embodies the low-average person, who hardly understands any sophisticated idea. That’s why marketing people should set anything to be understood by such target. We moved to the village of Voghera to work from a true housewife’s home for a week, just to prove this point (wrong).

4 clients followed us in this mad project.

Here’s what we learned.

That there is one language that everyone understands, and a different one used by advertisers and marketing managers, just to up the ante.

That if we really want to be understood, the Voghera Housewife can easily get even the most twisted of our strategic and creative concepts.

That, through our work, we are still able to bring a smile to people’s faces. Or a laugh, or an emotion. Or even a thought.

That creatives and clients actually have a lot in common.

That we can do our job from literally anywhere. That insights still are our most valuable treasures.

That Italy is a big country made of provinces and towns, not just Milan. Those provinces and towns are not so “provincial”: Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and WhatsApp exist there just as they do in bigger cities.

That when the housewife sees commercials, she is anything but lazy: if there’s an idea that intellectually stimulates her, she can understand it and wants to.

That the Voghera Housewife fascinates and terrifies all clients. Because, deep down, they know that even with all the qualitative and quantitative testings in the world, they will never be sure about what she is thinking and how she will behave.

That tiramisu made with Ladyfingers is good, but with Pavesini is even better.

That "Piuttost che nient l’è mej piuttost" (anything is better than nothing).

That live streaming for half an hour on Facebook can be a devastating experience.

That we could do a new kind of content: Agency Generated Content. One in which creatives get their faces out there, becoming hosts/actors/ charlatans.

That this job can still be a lot of fun, if we want it to be.

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