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Le Balene

The way we are

The way we are

We are a communication agency founded by Enzo Baldoni back in 1980, and we never stopped evolving since then. Today we are the driving force behind a system that also includes a video/photography production company, Trees Home, and Acqua su Marte, a free space for experimenting and studying anything that breathes in the world of innovation and culture.

We all live under the same Milanese roof in via Alessandria 3: the offices, a photographic studio, an editing studio, a space for events, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, shows, and also a co-working/creative garage.

This multidisciplinary allows us to offer our clients not only a team of professionals, capable of taking care of communication at all stages, while optimizing costs and keeping the quality high, but also a constant harmony with whatever is fermenting under the surface of society, constantly renewing with unrivaled speed. So, to sum up: good ideas, contact with reality and speed of handling.

Where we stand

We want to work only with companies that consider us an added value, who expect from us a commitment to a meaningful and constant dialogue. We believe in the power of good ideas, and not just because we are romantics: we think that, especially during these days, when money lack, "ideas make the world go round". We think that a powerful and well-crafted idea can get farther and always ends up paying back. 

We believe in contamination between talents from different generations, between experience, freshness and close contact with reality. That’s why professionals of all ages collaborate in our team: from 60-years-old to twenty-somethings. And we can guarantee, it works.

Le Balene

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